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Disappointed in the repetitive failed progress the team's missions have had since joining, Bane decides to take over as team leader with the approval of half the team.His first directive was to remove Scandal Savage as a team member and replace her with Black Alice.At the end of issue #1, Catman asks the Mad Hatter to be the sixth member of the group.While Catman meets with the Mad Hatter, Doctor Psycho orchestrates a series of attacks designed to wipe out the Six.In a new storyline starting with issue #10 titled "Depths", the Six have been hired by a new villain named Mr. He is building what he hopes will be the world's biggest and only prison.

The next version of the team was introduced in Villains United #1 (July 2005).Another member, the Fiddler, is killed by Deadshot on order of Mockingbird.Later, the Parademon is killed and Cheshire betrays the group to the Society, and was shot by the Society's Deathstroke, who does not trust her for being a traitor (Cheshire eventually turns up alive and plotting revenge).The Six later learn that the card in question was made by Neron, and says "Get Out of Hell Free".Soon, the Six are attacked by a small army of supervillains, all wanting to recover the card and collect the reward of million for each of the Six, under the orders of Junior, who captures and tortures Bane, whose strong principles and moral convictions, paired with his fatherly fondness of Scandal, keep him from betraying his new team.

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