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Rather than admonishing nerds with some lecture about priorities, or coming straight out and telling teens that it’s OK to make mistakes en route to responsibility, “Booksmart” demonstrates that even know-it-alls like Molly and Amy have a lot to learn.

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Granted, the all-summer-in-one-day device has been done before, and “Booksmart” is hardly the first film to portray such adolescent recklessness from a female perspective: “Clueless” and “Easy A” gave classic literature a contemporary spin; “Mean Girls” and “Blockers” revealed just how much dudes like Cameron Crowe and John Hughes didn’t know about women.As of February 2015, approximately 85.2 million American households (73.2% of households with television) received We TV.We TV was originally known as Romance Classics when it launched on September 1, 1997 under the ownership of what was then the Cablevision Systems Corporation-controlled Rainbow Media.I generally hate child actors, but this is pretty cute. We TV (stylized as WE tv) is an American pay television channel that is owned by AMC Networks.

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