Rules on teachers dating parents

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Applying for a teaching certificate with false information or lying about meeting the requirements to renew the certificate can lead to a loss of teaching privileges.In addition to qualifications, teachers must practice ethical behavior when it comes to reporting grades and handling assessments.Developing and following a professional code of ethics helps make sure teachers act in a professional and ethical manner at all times.A teacher's job is to provide a quality education to all students.A teacher must follow the direction of administrators, even if rules or expectations seems unreasonable, in order to avoid undermining an administrator's authority and to set a positive example for students.

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In addition to a teacher's job to help all students learn, a professional code of ethics also addresses a teacher's responsibility to keep students safe.

I personally feel it's nobody elses business and don't have a problem with it at all I see no problems at all. As others have said, there are many children who get taught by their own parents.

I have never none that to be frown upon in school or seen as a problem.

The child is no longer in the teacher's class, but was last year. It's not like a doctor dating a patient, after all.

Both the teacher and the parent are single but they met whilst the child was in the teacher's class. If favouritism were shown to the child as a result, there might be cause for concern, but otherwise they should be left to get on with their lives without outside interference or just plain nosiness. This was asked on a forum for teachers and there were a few responses along the lines of absolutely not, very unprofessional etc.

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