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Somewhere along the line, I don't know when, all those sexy women on the internet made me forget about the real thing I have at home.It's like an ordinary webcam except that it uses a data compression scheme to produce a really high-quality image in real time over a high speed connection.I hoped that she would maybe go just a bit further. For a moment the pants caught on her panties and a few wisps of pubic hair peeked out from the top; then they snapped back. But this time, Bill, turned it around to face himself. By letting Bill know that he was recording, she insured that he would be careful to record everything. Bill slowly pulled the panties down one-handedly, as if unveiling a great work of art. This only went on for a few seconds, and then there was something like a scuffle and Margie jumped away. Margie straightened, and looked back at the camera. " She waited for an answer, but she didn't really need to ask. Margie brought her hands to her waist and hooked the fingers of both hands under the edge of the white-ribbed top. In my mind I can feel you sucking on them right now. The pants continued to writhe down, first over the swell of her butt, and then down in front. The camera zoomed back to show my topless wife finally kicking off her pants, squaring her legs, hands on hips, wiggling her breasts, and smiling at the camera. Do you see how awful and wet and horny I get when you look at me the way you do? He pushed his chair back from the desk, so that I could see him in profile sitting in his chair. Margie smiled through half-lidded eyes, satisfied with this progress. When they were low enough, he ran his hand between Margie's legs, up and down the inside of her thighs, eliciting a gasp, and then a whimper. There is no justice in this story, although there is the possibility of justice in a sequel. You see, this is a really nice digital camera that allows you to download medium resolution movies in real time through an infrared device that plugs into a USB port. I think it was basically bad timing; shift work takes its toll. This is a story about how my young wife taught me a lesson, and about how I came to realize the value of the real thing. I didn't really think anything of it when Margie told me she was taking the digital camera and all the equipment to work.I assumed she didn't know about my private activity, when in fact (I realize now) she was getting more and more frustrated and a little pissed off. I could also see beyond her to a grey-haired man, about 50. "I'll take one." But he wasn't looking at the screen. The camera sees behind me." He seemed genuinely abashed. Sorry." "It's OK." She paused a moment, considering. She was as beautiful as any woman on a magazine cover. She continued, "You know, some women are attracted to older men." Margie's pose brought her large breasts forward and up.

I've been working 3-midnight at the local utility plant, so I'm used to being alone at home that time of day. As long as the little red dot on the menu bar is on, whatever you record will be stored in an mpeg file. " The camera jerked amateurishly while Bill found his grip, and then became steady.We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.Warning: I think most people like this story except for its ending, which absolutely outraged quite a few people. She told me that she wanted to show the wireless infrared feature to one of the bosses, who was thinking of buying one. It would show up on our web page at about noon, during her lunch hour.What was my woman doing, letting another man think lustful thoughts about her, strutting around for his personal amusement? But then, sitting there in front of the computer, I realized that I was looking at something I had thrown away. I think you were about to touch me." Margie continued panting. Let me show you what I do when I get like this." Margie went over to the bag that she had used to bring the camera equipment, rummaged around in it frantically, and trotted back with a white plastic object. I thought Margie kept it in her nightstand as sort of a souvenir of her childhood. By failing to appreciate Margie myself, I had effectively given her over to the rest of the world to appreciate. My heart was pounding and my face was flushed, but it wasn't anger anymore. " These weren't serious questions, because she had already unzipped the pants, and was sinuously peeling the pants down as she spoke. She pulled a wooden office chair with arms up to face Bill, flopped down in a slouch, and lifted one leg over an arm of the chair.

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