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After Clive tell her, Dale asks if he wants to grab a bite, but they got interrupted by the case Clive was working on.

Clive suggests they could grab food later, to which Dale happily accepts, as long as he pays.

Aisha is also a popular model and ranked #3 number at the Arab Fashion Week in (2012).

She participated in many fashion shows and received many offers for South India films.

In Love & Basketball, while Clive was scolded by Lieutnant Devore due to his action with Lieutenant Suzuki's case, Dale makes fun of Lt.

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So, here are some details from Larry Caputo’s wiki.

On the next day, Dale asked Clive what Detective Cavanaugh's deal with all the candles on his table, which Clive said was something to do with his chi.

Dale then kept asking him questions, including where she can find a near good spot for food.

Larry and Theresa have two grown-up children named Larry Jr.

and Victoria Caputo, and Larry used to coach his son’s hockey team.

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