R robert pattinson kristen stewart dating

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Maybe, but we think you're forgetting just how great Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were together, both on-screen and off.

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Kristen took the fact that Robert hadn’t dated anyone publicly since their split to mean that he was not completely over her, and that there was still a chance for a reunion.

After Stewart’s affair, which led to the eventual demise of her relationship with Pattinson, she tried to patch things up with her love of four years to no avail. Stewart was once again providing fodder for the tabloids recently when she was pictured enjoying some off-screen time with her co-star Nicholas Hoult, who happened to be Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend at the time they began filming “Equals.” Rumors swirled that the two were getting close, and not long after, Hoult and Lawrence broke up.

They briefly reconnected, but couldn’t rekindle what they had before the scandal. Kristen was accused of ruining yet another relationship.

Though Kristen felt like she was in a good place and was having fun with Hoult, she always believed that Pattinson was still hung up on her and that they had a chance.

Once she heard that he had moved on, especially with a cool singer like AKA Twigs, it crushed her.

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