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Here's a noble goal: a portrait of America written by Americans.

It’s good, important stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily tell Americans who they are — the dreams and goals of ordinary people, how we describe ourselves.gloss over any self-criticism, and expand your vocabulary to attempt to connect with someone in specific terms.But when you write about the person you want to be with, you find yourself in the opposite scenario, where you need to be honest as possible as to what you’re looking for in a person.” To see how specific people get, Du Bois has also made local maps, where each city features the most prominent word in that city’s profiles.(People’s names weren’t included, either.) Du Bois then replaced the name of every city in the United States with these words, and his project, called “A More Perfect Union,” was born.Du Bois talks us through the renamed country and shows why the keywords he uncovered constitute no less than the map of a population’s soul.

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