Quotes about dating jerks

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These were jerks that my business or career relied on, so telling them to jump in a lake wasn’t an option.Recently I had to deal with a workplace jerk who was a 12 on the 1 to 10 Jerk Scale.If the customer cannot comply, explain you are going to have to end the interaction and notify a superior.”Taylor acknowledges dealing with a one-off jerk customer may be easier if you’re the boss, but many lower-level employees might not feel they can take a stand.That’s why it’s important to have company-wide protocols in place to protect your workforce.He says you should do your best to resolve the customer’s complaint, even if they are being nasty, but there’s a line you shouldn’t let them cross.“If the customer is hostile and abusive, you should be allowed to set limits with them or with anyone who calls you names, belittles you, threatens you, or becomes overly agitated,” says Winch.“You set limits by assuring the customer you are trying to help them and demanding they speak to you with civility.

But good judgment is critical, too,” says Taylor.“Say a customer wants to vent for 45 minutes, you can’t allow reps to hang up and expect to have a sustainable business.In my almost four decades on this planet, I’ve had a lot of jobs: working at fast food restaurants, in retail, at nonprofits, movie studios, global technology companies, and being an entrepreneur.But as varied as all my careers have been, there has been one similarity running through all of them: At one point or another I needed to deal with jerks.So fall-back plans must be in place–such as supervisors available who are skilled at managing trouble callers; repeating the options available; or stating the time-limit policy on individual calls.The key is professionalism and a reliable level of consistency.”And bad news out there for anyone who has ever been the jerk customer: “More companies today are pushing back to deter inappropriate consumer behavior through new business models.

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