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Last month, Vaishnav's group, Globosat Entertainment Network LLC obtained the rights to distribute Sahara Entertainment television broadcasts to North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Sahara, according to Vaishnav, is a conglomeration with diverse holdings that has over 910,000 employees (mostly in India) and operates with a business plan that Vaishnav loves.

So, in a wildly competitive South Asian media market, dominated by Star, Zee and Sony, a not-so-newcomer is jumping into the fray, with Vaishnav at the helm and bringing Sahara with him.

He understands the affluence of the Indian viewer and feels that those that have not reached a point of affluence, will get their soon enough.

The purposes for which the weblog is formed is with a mission to cultivate, promote and disseminate knowledge and information concerning the culture of various nationalities and people of South Asian descent.

This is done through the production of radio, television and printed publications in an effort to enlighten and educate the general public.

He asserts that he is aware of what the viewers want from an understanding that is nurtured from a grassroots understanding of South Asians migrating to America.

He is a maverick and a pioneer in bringing theater and film presentation to America.

Although hesitant to speak of himself, Vaishnav has a wealth of stories about his early experiences of coordinating movies and entertainment features in those days. He whistfully recalls dragging himself down to the Greyhound station, where deliveries of large boxes with reels of film from India would finally arrive.

These would be shown on 16mm camera in local colleges and halls.

He points to their obvious success in being able to grow to that size in a number of industries, including hotels and travel.

Startled by the number, I commented that this number of employees mirrors the city of Philadelphia (where he first started), and Vaishnav just nodded affirmatively.

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