Problems with dating a muslim man

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If the Muslim is a convert and from the same culture (such as an American Christian of northern European background marrying an American Muslim convert of northern European background) the cultural tensions are minimized because they will have similar cultural expectations of gender roles, interaction, cultural responsibilities, etc...

For those couples the major tensions will be over religious differences and expectations.

Each marriage is different and every marriage requires work and compromises to succeed.

With a non-Muslim woman and a Muslim man this means adding on intercultural elements as well as faith issues.

It will take a while for the non-Muslim spouse to get a feel for their Muslim spouses prayer schedule and they will have to deal with extra grumpiness whenever Ramadan comes around.

There are many little things that will be difficult to adjust to and each couple must determine which things they will compromise for each other.

In general, for many of these marriages, the Muslim man will always think in the back of their mind that their non-Muslim wife will convert eventually so the more years a couple has been together and this has not happened it can add stress and the Muslim husband may even go as far as to give their wife the ultimatum of convert or divorce.

Muslim men may ask their non-Muslim wives to dress more conservatively at least around their friends which will generally mean no cleavage, covering the legs and arms at least 3/4 of their length and preferably lose fitting clothes.

They may ask that their wives not have male friends which is considered inappropriate mixing of genders.

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