Postdating check illegal illinois

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********************* Kindly take into account that I do not make the laws and so please do not shoot the messenger if you are unhappy with the law not being on your side since I do not have the power to make the laws or change them.What I can do though is help you to understand the laws. If, however, I have fully answered your question, please remember to rate me a 3 or higher so that I may be compensated for the time it takes to respond to your questions.It has generally been held that post-dated checks are not within the scope of most states' bad check laws.It is generally held that the giving of a bad check in payment of a preexisting debt does not fall within the purview of most states' bad check laws.Once I realize I would not have the funds, I tried returning the car. The post dated check was for 00.00 dated for Jan 31, 2012, not to be deposited until March 1st 2012. I told the dealership no to deposit the check, but they did it any way. My question is; how does Illinois law view this type of situation? Thanks Hello and thank you for using the JA website.Please remember that this site is intended to provide general legal information only.The Illinois State Police (ISP) is reinstituting the “Fast Track” Program that provides an opportunity for certified police officers to become Illinois State Troopers through participation in an accelerated training program.The duration of a Fast Track Cadet Class will be slightly less than half o ...

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However, as a credit grantor you can effectively deal with the majority of routine bad check situations encountered by putting into practice the following procedures: Instruct your bank to redeposit any checks returned for insufficient or uncollected funds.

I bought a car and posted the funds with a posted check.

I was reluctant at first, but the credit manager convince me to do so.

ISP special agents, in cooperation with federal and local police agencies, investigate such crimes as homicide, sexual assault, fraud and forgery.

Choose a zone office or select a county to locate the ISP investigations office servicing that area.

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