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I dont know how ill manage in the bar knowing shes being fucked in a room not to far away...

very excited Plans had to be changed due to the guys work commitments so we’re hitting a swingers club on Wednesday night for some MFMF action...

With couples that we meet for mfmf the dynamic is very different and we enjoy the social side together but my wife sees the guys we meet as a sex toy with a pulse (lol) I thought this guy would be a great first time alone meet for my wife because we’ve met him before and hes very hung (she loves that) So now im really excited that this could happen next week!

We often allow each other to arrange surprises for each other, its all part of the fun for us!

For example 2 years ago i told her we were having a surprise romantic meal out and instead we went for a surprise 4 guy GB and she loved it.

We have been swinging for 4 years and I could write alot about those adventures but that would be very different to what is to come! Since I started this thread another oppurtunity as presented itself!

We recieved a kik message off a guy we met previously for a MFM hes 28, toned and hung!

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