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Lambton plans to spend a few weeks with her over the holidays in her hometown.

Lambton’s father says that finding this woman is one of the reasons Chris can’t regret doing the show.

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Even Shaquille O’Neal, who was still in Cleveland at the time, tweeted the phrase to his 3 million followers.

DENNIS — Chris Lambton is waiting for his sandwich at “The Merc.’’ With him are his girlfriend, his father, and one of his brothers, all of whom are layered in landscaping gear and winter hats.

It’s a typical day for Lambton — no autographs to sign, no women in bikinis to choose from.

As Ed sees it, his son’s notoriety has enabled him to do some good.

Chris has helped raise thousands of dollars for local causes, including the Franciscan Children’s Hospital, the NOAH Center in Hyannis, and Compassionate Caring ALS, an organization that helped the Lambtons during Marjorie’s diagnosis.

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