Online dating love at first sight

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Is it natural to be skeptical of the concept until one has a personal experience of it?

Many claim to have experienced it themselves so it begs the question; does love at first sight really exist?

‘Is there really such a thing as love at first sight? So can we therefore suggest that those who have claimed to have experienced love at first sight, have actually just felt a great sexual attraction towards someone?

Love at first sight then, is when this overwhelming force hits you in the split second of establishing eye contact with someone for the first time.Salama Marine suggests; ‘when it does happen to you, you know that it can’t happen again.It’s way too strong and crazy.’ Her description makes it sound very real; something unexpected and uncontrollable, incomparable to any emotions you’re used to.72% of American men believe in it; a pattern we found across all English speaking countries surveyed including Canada, Australia and Great Britain.In fact when we combined the results of all seven countries, we found that overall 67% of men believe in love at first sight compared to 58% of women.

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