Online dating bucks hes too accomodating

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“Girls want a lovey-dovey relationship and guys just want to hook up. “It’s this generation.” Julie’s 50/50 estimate may be about right.Rod admits, “There are soul mates on these sites, but I’m not that person.” His extremely calculated trickeries most likely only make up a very small percentage of users.“Fly-by-night” is the perfect terminology to use in this situation, because these online interactions resemble business ventures in many ways.There is a potential for profit with these exchanges, but there are also many inherent risks for the people investing their time.From there, Jerry learned Anna’s last name and was able to send her a friend request on Facebook.

“I’m okay going to bed knowing that I destroyed someone’s feelings,” admits Rod.“Five out of fifteen times the girl will message me,” he estimates.While he has had incredible success with meeting females, approximately one a week, Rod has lowered his standards to achieve these numbers.“I’ve gotten some very strange messages, but for the most part, they are fairly normal conversations,” she says.Julie, a 19 year-old communications major at Bucks, only has personal experience with Tinder and has been fortunate in only meeting typical people.

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