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While some of these couples were ”so close but yet so far” before coming to e Harmony, the majority of our successful couples have been matched across hundreds of miles.I encourage you to read the stories of successful couples who were matched over long distances.It's a delicate balance of being open, and keeping your wits about you.But while you’re there to make a great first impression, you’re also there to be honest about yourself and what you’re looking for.But now you will also be able to receive matches who may be a distance away but may have potential to be The One — giving you the option of deciding if you want to take a chance on this match or not.• Something we often hear from members who set their distance preference to a 30 or 60-mile radius is that they do so because they are unable to travel very far to spend time with a match or, should the relationship progress, are unable or unwilling to move and feel it is unfair to expect their match to do the traveling or be the one to relocate.Our hope is that by discussing these Settings and sharing our recommendations, you’ll be able to make the best choices when setting your preferences, which will, in turn, help you have the best e Harmony experience possible!So whether you’re a new member, just learning the ropes, or you’re an on-going member who wishes to receive more matches and/or ensure that your account is fully working for you, we encourage you to become a “Master of Match Settings! DISTANCE • I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that most members would like their special match to live close by. After all, geographic proximity makes it convenient when trying to get to know a match.

Also, when indicating your location, you may want to list both cities as your “My City,” for example, Los Angeles/Tampa and add a word of explanation in your About Me page about your living situation.

Not because you have anything to prove, but because first dates are about putting your best self out there.

You need to be on your toes and up for anything, but you also need to keep your faculties in check, because this person — even if you’ve chatted with them for weeks through an online dating service — is still ultimately a stranger.

We also encourage you to take advantage of flexible matching by entering a setting of 6 or lower.

Also, never fear, any time you broaden your distance setting, we will still send you local matches.

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