Olympics equestrian dating olympic sport dates

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An athletes physical perfection could also be intimidating to his competitors, and external beauty represented each competitors internal beauty and demonstrated their desire for a balance between body and mind.Athletes were often an inspiration to artists and sculptors, who used the athletes physical prowess and movements to inspire their work.The first athlete ever to win an Olympic race was a young cook from Elis, named Koroibus who received a wreath of wild olive leaves as his prize.This prize was through the centuries not only an honour for the winner but also for his family and city.Boxers fought with their hands bound and protected by leather thongs, but - unlike modern boxing - pieces of metal were added to their knuckles to increase the effectiveness of the punches.In the no-holds-barred event pankration, all moves were allowed, including gouging eyes and pulling noses.Chariots were pulled either by two horses (biga) or four horses (quadriga), and the charioteers wore long robes.

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This helped to regulate their body temperature and protect them from the sun.776 BC 728 BC, Only one event In the beginning there were only one event, a single foot race.The race was called the Stade and was the only event for 13 Olympics. 185 metres race, the first times on a straight strip of grass.688 BC, Boxing is introduced At the 20th Olympiad in 688 BC one of the most popular Olympic sports even today was introduced: Boxing. The boxing matches had no time limit and ended if the fighter fell to the ground or one of the fighters held up one or to fingers to show that he admitted defeat.There were no weight categories, opponents were chosen by random.

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