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Unlike some other online dating sites, we won’t make you search through hundreds of pictures and profiles to try and find someone you like.Instead, eharmony delivers you a few curated matches at a time so you can focus on each one and decide whether you’d like to take it to the next step.In Solo Boo we understand that as the world is developed in technology more and more people are gaining knowlage and understanding the technology language, learn how to navigate inside the internet world and also how to classify social media and its users.Nowadays lots of people are more aware of internet security and know how to stay away from websites or media with fake users.3 People from Third-world countries Lots of fake users in dating websites, apps or social media are built by people from Third world countries such as East asia and Middle east but mainly from Africa.

Once we have that information we can crosscheck it with our subscribers database and identify if users are authentic or not.These fake users are very dangrous, they are trying none stop to fraud innocent and naive people, they're doing so by building a very attractive fake profile, with beautiful pictures and nice words, they use fake address and make up a life story.Once someone fall into this trap and try to communicate with them they will continue to build up your trust until they'll ask for financial details or support.You must be very careful before giving any personal details, DO NOT trust anyone after one or two chats, or email correspondence, Talk on the phone, hear if the person sounds trustworthy, hear if he/she has a suspicious accent, plan a date, meet the person in a public safe place and only then, once you know for sure that you're not a victim of a fraud or a scam, plan your next move to building a relationship with that person.Every Dating website or social media has a benefit of having as much users as possible and has no intention to prevent fake users, the more users the website/media has, the more attractive it looks from outside, in other words dating websites and social media has a benifit of fake users because fake users attract traffic of real users to the website.

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