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i just need to lose a little wieght and study up for the i didnt get any hours then im going to have to find a job that can put me through a few classes of school so i can get 15 college creds. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them.I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do." IIt just evaluates your knowledge of lots of general stuff, including some car things, simple mechanics of machines, math, i think some verbal/english stuff, mostly just common sense crap...its a great pay and leaves plenty of room to move up.if i use the military for school and goto school for somthing that will help asist my aviation career then i should be fine.i did purchase the ASVAB for Dummies which ive been meaning to pick up, but i cant. i was talking to a recruiter and he said if i did aquire at least 675 hours at job corp then i will be just as good as anyone with a high school diploma. While I am on the subject, most people I know who are "screwed up" after leaving the military, or are discharged for rampant drug use, misconduct, ect., were pretty screwed up individuals in high school who were pretty deviant to begin with. i recently found out that addies will shop up as amps in your system.i have no motivation to sit down and look through the book. a couple weeks ago i had 120mgs, 60mgs a day, and for those 2 days i was able to sit down and actually take some shit in. im not sure if they do a hair folicle, but if they do im fucked.

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Dunno said:not everyone kills in the i sign up for 2 years and enter into a job that will def be around after im out then every thing will be cool. there are plenty of jobs outside the military for people who have skills with aviation.

O yea btw I'm trying to be a marine officer after graduating with my BA in 2 years. So far the only thing I have lost sleep over so far(and it's 2 years away from me actually being a marine) is when they told me that if I go infantry I will have to go through Platoon Leaders Class and be given 16-44 men to conduct operations, killing people isn't the problem, making a plan and losing marines is the only thing I think I will ever have PTSD from, not squashing humans like bugs over there but losing my friends because a move I make. If it weren't for the military, we wouldn't be able to communicate as we are right now. Let's see most High School or College Grads earning that kind of money within a few years of graduation experience.

One of my closest friends deals with radar and communications in the Navy after only serving 8 years. He has never fired his weapon at an enemy target and had only been stationed outside of the USA for 3 years.

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