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If the company is already working with the cloud, then cloud specialists are also exploring new features of the current platform and exploring services that will benefit a business in the future.

Four years ago, IBM listed seven cloud technologies to help businesses.

Experts in the field of IT infrastructure, system administrators and data center operators will have to compete fiercely for the remaining jobs. This does not mean such specialists have become completely unnecessary.

But if the load can be predicted (say, it is static) a private cloud is often enough.Cisco said after three years 73% of the company’s applications will move to the public cloud, while just a year ago this figure was around 50%.Such a shift is partly caused by cloud providers, who offer users of public clouds more and more features that simplify the development of services.It was all developed with the efforts of Iaa S providers.Therefore, there was an opinion that the cloud ecosystem was finally formed and no other use cases will be foreseen in the near future.

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