New dating site from launched in january 2016 dating an iranian man

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The demographic profile of survey respondents remains consistent with our experience of the groups of people that would be accessing the Relationships Australia website.There were no significant differences between the reports of men and women when they were asked to select from a list of traditional ways people usually met partners.

Georges Mohammed-Chérif, Chief Executive Officer, Buzzman, comments: “Through this campaign, we wanted to refresh the image of dating amongst the 50 , creating something light-hearted and humorous.Women (44%) were more likely to report that they usually met partners through mutual friends when compared to men (34%).A higher proportion of men (42%) when compared to women (36%) reported that they usually met partners through ‘other’ methods (see figure 2).Abbie Oguntade, Vice President of Northern Europe, Match Group, comments: “As an industry leader we understand the needs of singles, and recognise that people do not tend to meet potential partners in their later life in the same way as they might have done when aged 18 or 30.Despite this, the same excitement and anticipation remains and the new Ourtime service and ad campaign reflect this.

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