Matt lauer savannah guthrie dating

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We'll just assume the word "modern" is synonymous with "monogamous" because, according to a former colleague, the honeymoon period didn't last long for Lauer and Roque, and their marriage was reportedly "never good." "He was a player when she met him and she knew that," the insider said.

"Even many years ago, he was a flirt, a philanderer.

He said he also made an effort to dedicate each weekend to spending quality time with his loved ones by having family lunches and dinners.

Lauer called those moments of togetherness "the best time of my day." Getting the boot from his hosting gig surely freed up his schedule tremendously.

But she was pushed into the limelight in November 2017, when Lauer was accused of sexual misconduct with a subordinate and fired from his gig as show co-host after more than 20 years at the helm.

His ousting not only marked the downfall of his award-winning career, it also left his marriage to Roque in shambles.

Instead of attempting to rein him in further, Roque has reportedly washed her hands of him and their strained marriage.He released a second statement to It was initially reported that Lauer was "fighting to save his marriage" following the salacious sexual misconducts allegations and his firing from NBC. Both of them, their first thought is their children," a source told The couple was reportedly still living together but not wearing wedding rings, leading some to believe that the chance of a reconciliation was bleak.By the time January 2018 rolled around, the couple had reportedly "started the divorce process," and Lauer had seemingly thrown in the towel and given up hope that their marriage could be repaired.Rumors emerged in 2016 that he was having an alleged fling with former ) backed up this claim by reporting that Lauer would go to great lengths to work his way back into Roque's good graces after his alleged infidelities."He bought Annette a 0,000 horse, and we said, 'Well, Matt must have been caught cheating again,'" a source told the website.

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