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In some cases, a frank and transparent dialogue about conflicting desires may lead to necessary separation.

But openly negotiating sexual needs is better for everyone involved than deceiving your partner and breaking the mutually recognized rules of the relationship. Any signs of your man grappling with intimacy issues could be a red flag.

Seeking attention outside a relationship is a sign that they were made to feel inadequate by their partners. Why men have emotional affairs and not just physical is because of shame, this is why people cheat.

Looking for attention outside of a relationship is a prominent sign of an emerging betrayal in a relationship and the reason why men cheat. I know that sounds ironic and like a cart-horse dilemma since many people become ashamed getting caught cheating.

Men cheat because they have an intimacy disorder, whether they commit online cheating or in person.

They likely don’t know how to ask for intimacy (not JUST sex), or if they do ask, they don’t know how to do it in such a way that connects with the woman, this is why men cheat.

In many many cases, couples decide to stay together as a result.Men who cheat repeatedly are those who are repeatedly made to feel like they are less than, they seek to find someone that makes them feel like a priority.In essence, they try to fill the void that their partner use to occupy.So, the man then looks for a cheap substitute to soothe his needs and desires for intimacy. Nothing “makes” men cheat on their partners, men cheat because they choose to.Cheating is a choice, he will either choose to do it or choose not to.

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