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“There’s a lot of beautiful lies on Instagram - what are you editing yourself for? Scars, burns and imperfections are often erased from sight on the platform.She believes this is causing a generational epidemic of low self-image.On that awful day when I was lying there - I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see - it really humbles you.There are some men and women who would prefer to stay away from online dating websites when in reality, finding Manchester dates online is significantly easier and better than trying to meet someone in-person.

“I just want to remind people that life can change drastically in an instant.

THE striker moved on from Giannina pretty quickly by hooking up with popular Argentinian singer Karina - known as the Little Princess - just months after his marriage ended. 💦 Mi mette Serenità Mi da una sensazione di estremo Benessere! But it appears doubtful given that she reportedly jetted back to Verona in her native Italy after the night out.

But his past could not escape him, with his new flame and Giannina having a Twitter spat. NOT her actual name, of course, but it may as well have been as the identity of Aguero's date for this Drake concert in July last year was never revealed.

The Hand of God legend's daughter - who recently posted a photo of her shapely bum online - confirmed their break-up on Twitter, saying they had "separated" after a "difficult year with a lot of changes".

And it seemed like her followers took her side, with one writing: "Aguero doesn't deserve you.

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