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She was a beautiful spirit who honored life the way we all should. I know you and your husband struggled with his health for many, many years, but still it must be a shock. I will light a candle - a symbol of Martha’s Light that shines in all of you always She is at peace now. She also taught both my children, and her name comes up whenever they are reminiscing about grade school. Thank you Alan, you and your thoughts will never be forgotten Dear George and Rudy Chris. She certainly was a strong willed woman, not wanting to leave her home after dad died. And would visit when I could, bring her a flower or something sweet. I used to visit dad many times up on the second floor.Dear Randy and Lynette, We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet girl. God bless, Love, Maria Sanchez Kathy was my colleague at St. Hw was so very proud of you, your wife’s and very bright grandchildren.I can only imagine how hard things have been for you and hope you are getting lots of love and support from family and friends.I know the grandkids must be helping and I'm hoping you are doing as well as you possibly can. Ill never forget he used to be our pin boy at the Crete Bowling Alley. Boy oh boy he loved those cigars What a sweet lady . The world and especially Chicago is a better place having had the life of Alan on this earth for 59 years.Our relationship was special as was his relationship with Bret, our girls and our grandson. He has been an integral part of every important moment in our lives. JP and family, I am so very sorry to read this sad news. Twenty-five years ago he and I were newly hired faculty at Purdue Northwest.My mom & he although divorced had a great love for each other and were special friends until the end. My sincerest condolences for the loss of one of the best professors I've ever had. Jorge was my professor at Concordia College and I was his neighbor for one summer. Jorge would always stop and say hello when we passed each other in the halls. But, I know the greatest loss is felt by his family. He was a department head and I was fresh out of graduate school--in my first job.Y me conecta enormemente con la importancia de que ver a los que quieres no sea un "podríamos" quizás el próximo verano, quizás en la temporada baja de pasajes, quizás algún día... Estoy pensando en como le enseñaré quien fue Su Gran Tío Abuelo, y que ella pueda recordarlo como si lo hubiese abrazado...Honestamente entiendo las pérdidas, sé que el Tiempo sana todo, y comprendo que su Energía nos acompañará...

Dear Vicki, Words cannot express our sympathy and compassion at the lost of your beloved husband. This is a sad time for you, but I will be thinking of you. What a beautiful picture of her, also it really matches her heart. Time is never enough and we all feel that so strongly now as we already miss Alan.

Dr Gonzales was the prof for the class, fortunately for me. That was because I was able to take many of his classes as Engineering electives.

I even considered switching to Electrical Engr'g after that class, but didn't.

We will keep all of you in our prayers, and remember God is holding her in his arms forever. I miss them both, they were treasured friends to Matt and me.

May you find peace and comfort in all the joy she brought into your lives. He was smart, funny and just an all around great guy. Lynette, Randy, Spencer and Lucas I am so very sorry to hear of Vanessa's passing. I pray your memories will bring you comfort and peace. Kelly (Klahn) Williams All of Camp Sharing Meadows is here for you and your family, Lynette. One day, we'll all be together, laughing, hugging, and singing to the tune of "That's What Friends Are For." We'll be holding Jesus hands as we gather all of our families and camp friends into glory with the sweet Lord himself. We are deeply saddened and heartbroken for your loss of Vanessa. With heartfelt sympathy and love always, Jay, Gayle, Tyler & Aaron Szelinski I was browsing the internet looking for my mothers (modesta )old friend and sadly I come to find she has left this world . Love, Ruth Kerger Si bien la Muerte es prácticamente el único hecho que sabemos con certeza ocurrirá, nuestros corazones nunca están preparados para dejar ir...

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