Kuwait expatriate dating

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It is possible to share accommodation, but bear in mind that unmarried men and women are not allowed to live together by law, unless they are members of the same family.Single women may find that they have to arrange accommodation rental through their company.Sponsorship may only be provided by a Kuwaiti citizen or a Kuwaiti company.People recruited from overseas usually have a work permit sent to them by their company, which will be endorsed by the local Kuwait embassy, and an entry visa will be issued to fly in on.There are no specific restrictions for working in Kuwait, and you do not need to hold a degree to be issued with a work permit.Working for an international company will sometimes mean that you are paid in a foreign currency.Current accounts, although not common, are available.

If there is any chance of you being required to travel to Iraq, it is absolutely imperative that you are covered by fully comprehensive medical and life insurance.The rent for an apartment will not necessarily include utility bills such as electricity and water.Maintenance services for air-conditioning units should be covered by the landlord, and parking is usually provided for at least one vehicle.Banks are open Saturday to Wednesday, although a few branches do open on Thursdays. A bounced cheque is taken very seriously and will usually result in arrest.Main Banks As expats are presently unable to purchase property in Kuwait, renting is still the only option.

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