Kid dating poem

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You can incorporate similes and poems into lesson plans for almost any subject with creative activities.From family similes in poetry to funny comparisons to simile poems about love, there are many themes and lesson ideas to consider.And that's when the teacher caught him, And his face turned red like a fire engine."Young man, I see what you're doing, And I know you don't have good intentions.The basketball is like a heartbeat Pounding rhythmically on the Gymnasium floor.The basketball is as smooth as butter As it slides out of my hands and Into the basket.He searched his brain for the answers, But it was like they were playing hide and seek.

You can even combine poetic devices like using similes and metaphors in a single poem.By Kelly Roper Sally got an ice cream cone One hot summer afternoon.It dripped like a faucet on the ground, So she got herself a bowl and a spoon.The mouse squealed in surprise and ran away Like a coward trying to avoid a fight.The old man baited a mouse trap with cheese Like a hunter going after big game.

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