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Though the reasoning is vague, paperwork shows just a few years after the RUF treatment, the car spent some time at De Man Motorsport of Blauvelt, New York.

This service expenditure totaled an additional ,000-plus in work.

The founder’s son, Alois Ruf Jr., naturally became obsessed with automobiles after growing up around his father’s repair station. began tinkering with Porsche’s deadliest weapon, the 930 Turbo, by cranking up the snail-fed flat-six with more boost—the rest, as they say, is history.

opened up a small petrol and service repair station in Pfaffenhausen, Germany called Auto Ruf.

There are paint chips on the fascia and frunk lid and the RUF wheels are showing their age, but the body is free of rust with good rubber seals, glass, lighting equipment, and gaskets.The interior is original with good carpeting, fully operational gauges, and clean overall presentation with only minor seat cover bolster wear and slight shrinkage to the leather dash top.The mechanics of the car, however, were built to make silly power with reliability and longevity in mind. It is a hot rod 930—a car that, in stock trim, is unforgiving to those who don’t respect its capabilities.Yet, it manages to soak up bumps and cruise down the highway without tramlining uncontrollably.It is powerful, it is beautiful, but it can be enjoyed without worry.

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