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At the meetings he would often startle the young people by crying out loud in a coarse voice, ' Lord help me to pray.' When he began to jump around in the stand and slap his hands on his coat tail, his friends began to feel, for they knew he felt, and his emotions were contagious.

"The Settlement and Organization of Bradley County", "There were many "local preachers", those who did not establish churches since the were not under the direction of a conference.

Henry Price was a charter member of the Hiwassee Railroad Company." ________________ Another prominent pioneer of Bradley County was the late Rev. A local Methodist minister during the early years of the county. After marrying at an early age, Price took his bride into the Hiawasee country when the region north of the river was acquired from the Indians in 1819.

While living in that area, Price became acquainted with Lewis Ross, John Walker and several other leading Cherokee.

Henry Price preached all over Bradley County before Charles K. When the eastern portion of the Ocoee Land Division was in 1836 organized into Bradley County, embracing Polk and Bradley and a small portion of James county, Henry was elected the first county court clerk and held the office for 12 years.

He was better talker than writer, but he always kept an excellent deputy clerk in office so that he had much time to preach and attend camp meetings all over the county.

"This log cabin served as the Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal Church until the current building was completed in 1885.

Pleasant Grove began as Price Chapel campground in the 1830s during camp meetings conducted by the Reverend Henry Price." Tradition has it that Rev.

The most extensive personal description comes from a document provided by grandson Prier Price, authorship unknown: "Henry Price was a big man in every sense of the word. He had learned by experience, "Nobody's all good or bad; they're both." Henry Price's courage, strength, activity and endurance had several times been tested.Prominent in the Chatata Valley were the part-Cherokees Lewis Ross (brother of Cherokee Chief John Ross) and John Walker, Jr. At the Cherokee capital of Red Clay (twelve miles south of Cleveland Tennessee in Bradley County) in 1834, Walker, Maj.Ridge and others agreed to cede the remaining Cherokee lands to the US government without the approval of Chief John Ross.He stood six feet high, of large frame, straight, active and immensely muscular, weighing about 180 pounds, with a sort of rugged profile sculptors like to chisel on mountains. In early manhood, he had whipped the bully of Greene County who was spoiling for a fight and singled Price out and insulted him. Elisabeth Wooten was born 2 April 1815 and was first married to James Gillet on September 1835.Turner Wooten, father of Elisabeth, was a Revolutionary War soldier. Henry Price came to the Indian Reservation before it was open to white settlers.

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