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They are reluctant at first, but when Aquamarine explains that you get a wish if you help a mermaid, they agree to try, in hope that they can prevent Hailey from leaving.

Because Aquamarine is not human, she does not understand how love works and is rejected immediately by Raymond when they first meet.

At the street fair, Raymond spends the day with Aquamarine and mentions that he wants to see her at a party, The Last Splash, the following night.

She flees without giving him an answer, knowing a sunset can cause her legs to transform back into a tail.

The girls go back and explore it later that night, and find a mermaid named Aquamarine. Aquamarine tells the girls that she needs to prove to her father that true love exists or she will be forced to marry a man she does not know when she returns home.

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Aquamarine (2006 film) is a 2006 Australian-American Teen Fantasy Comedy Film, directed by American director Elizabeth Allen, and filmed in Queensland, Australia.

They discover the meaning of platonic love and Aquamarine's father is satisfied knowing love is real, and the girls receive their wish.

They decide to not use it to keep Hailey from moving away, and instead, they part ways with Aquamarine, with promises of Aquamarine visiting them and Raymond and loving each other forever.

They meet on the pier where Cecilia interrupts and pushes Aquamarine into the ocean but she screams in horror and runs away right after realizing what she has done when she notices that Aquamarine is actually a real mermaid.

Aquamarine's father calls her back home in a giant storm, but Hailey and Claire swim after her as Aquamarine tries to defy her father again.

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