Is not dating in high school bad

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Do you stay together for college and try to do long distance?

Do you break up to make things easier and try to stay friends? My boyfriend and I are going to try to stay together, but sometimes I get scared that it won’t work out the way we want it to. Thankfully, my boyfriend and I decided early on that we would not let our college decisions affect each other and that we wouldn’t follow each other to college. I’ve just only recently realized I’m glad we won’t be at the same college because I feel like that could cause more strain on our relationship.

I don’t regret waiting until I was a junior to be in a relationship, and I also do not regret having a boyfriend in high school.

Even though there are more struggles that come with being in a relationship than what I have mentioned, getting through those struggles is what makes the relationship stronger.

It became so bad that if my boyfriend wasn’t at school, I’d be eating lunch alone and would feel awkward even talking to the girls I used to be so close with.However, there are a lot of things that come along with high school relationships, and they aren’t always good.Here are some good and bad things I have discovered while being in a relationship for two years of high school.Even though there are a lot of struggles you can endure by being together through high school, college and after, it is possible to make it through.I love my boyfriend, and, as stated before, I can’t imagine life without him. I’m glad I have been able to “do life with him” thus far, and I look forward to trying to make it last.

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