Introducing speed dating speech

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We met Speed Dating in Birmingham - I didn't think i would met anyone as great as Kate. So just to say thank you for events like this and keep them coming.Its nearly four years later and we got married on the 26th of May, in what turned out to be the only sunny day of the summer.”- Jon "I attended the speed dating event in Southampton. I have been recommending you.”- Christiane "Just wanted to say thank you.

”- Louise "Christian and I met at The Bessemer in Sheffield in February, became engaged in April, got married in July and are now planning the rest of our lives together and as Christian said in his speech "it was all done with speed but never too fast!

Thank you Slow Dating we wouldn't have met each other if it wasn't for the event!

”- Heather "I've attached a picture of myself and my lovely wife.

Matt and I met each other there, and exactly a year later he whisked me off to Paris and proposed. We had a fantastic day and of course how we met made it into the speeches.

We owe it all to a 4 minute meeting.”- Emily "My husband and I have recently got married, having met at an event of yours in November. we had an amazing day and would recommend speed dating to anyone. ”- Kat "We met at a Slow Dating event in Reading in March.

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