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The idea is not to learn how to rule with an iron fist or to be a slave driver but to become someone who possesses an air of self confidence that says “I am in control of this situation.” Become a Mystery Have you ever met someone who was hard to read or gauge in terms of how he/she was feeling or what he/she was thinking at the moment? If you want to come across as a bit intimidating the first thing you need to learn is not to wear your emotions and thoughts on your sleeve.Keep quiet unless there is something important to be said. If you are in a position of authority make it clear the first time you say something that it will be the last.Make sure you act with wit and charm but be sure to keep control of whatever conversations you engage in.It also does not hurt to send a few rounds to some strangers just to show that you can.Keep a strong and tall posture and never walk with your head held low.Always show an air of confidence and keep showing your pearly whites to a minimum.

The good news is that there are some self help methods in which a meek person can learn to use intimidation when the need arises.If this means spending some big bucks on designer clothing that do it.The way you act at the event will also carry a lot of weight." Eric Holder, the Attorney General, testified before a House subcommittee the other day and was asked about the Justice Department dropping the case against the two New Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia two years ago (see video here and partial transcript here).Being intimidating is not usually on a person’s list of priorities.

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