Intimidating people tips

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But you are who you are and when someone gets to experience a deep conversation with you, they get much more out of it than useless small-talk. After all, what good is a friend if they don’t make your life better?

Yes, you’re intense when it comes to adhering to these principles, but it’s the best way for you to live a great life.

People think you’re rude because you won’t engage in banality with them.

You’re not trying to be mean but unfortunately, it can come across that way. It’s difficult for you to understand why some people have so many Facebook or Instagram friends when they don’t really know them. You only want to spend time with people who actually add to your life.

This means that people will be always in your dust.

When you speak your mind you are capable of achieving those goals and that makes people pretty uncomfortable; especially when they are comparing themselves to you and your amazing self.

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Your deep and complex mind needs new information to feed itself.

You like to ask questions to get to the heart of a problem, feeling, thought, or event.

You like to get to know people on a more personal level and you do that by asking questions.

You expect people to do what they said they would do, and you always deliver on your promises in return.

When someone rocks the boat, it can be hard for your emotional thought process to handle, and that means that you need longer to deal with life’s problems.

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