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It retains a distinct cultural identity that reflects its history, and is recognised as one of the Celtic nations.It was formerly a Brythonic kingdom and subsequently a royal duchy.Here then the merchants buy the tin from the natives and carry it over to Gaul, and after travelling overland for about thirty days, they finally bring their loads on horses to the mouth of the Rhône.

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to the south by the English Channel, and to the east by Devon, the River Tamar forming the border between them.

The north coast has many cliffs where exposed geological formations are studied.

The area is noted for its wild moorland landscapes, its long and varied coastline, its attractive villages, its many place-names derived from the Cornish language, and its very mild climate.

Mining in Cornwall and Devon in the south-west of England began in the early Bronze Age.

Few Roman remains have been found in Cornwall, and there is little evidence that the Romans settled or had much military presence there.

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