Ie 7 not updating icons on desktop

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People who do not use the Microsoft Web browser may have ignored this news, but a warning from a Microsoft employee revealed that PC owners should be paying attention to what IE version they have installed. Pat Altimore, a developer consultant in the Microsoft Services Premier Developer group, posted an update to his blog last Friday (Jan. The desktop icons are shortcuts to respective applications.If you right-click any desktop icon and click on Properties, you will get a Properties dialog box with the Shortcut tab selected. Now Internet Explorer will automatically stay up to date, keeping Windows' internet services patched. Casey worked in publishing and product development at Rizzoli and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, respectively.

I recommend our File Association Fixer available on The Windows Club.Before telling you how to fix it, I will in brief, talk about File Associations.If you have been working on computers for long, you can identify the applications needed to open certain files just by looking at their extensions.If it is not, select the Shortcut tab to see the program it is associated with.Most of the shortcuts, whether on the desktop or elsewhere, have the extension “.lnk”r.

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