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So I was kind of working those clubs for I guess about six or seven years before I moved to L. GM: And you were doing standup for about the same amount of time? I think I just always knew I was going to leave so I was like, hey, Mark can give me the most stage time and that's all I want. I had the same option that everyone else had, I guess, but I just focused on it, you know, and put a plan into action, man. And I remember seeing Greg and I knew that out of all the guys, me and him had the most fire. (laughs) I have a green card and it actually says 'legal alien' on it (laughs). At the time I was working in Canada, they were really the only option. It's funny, I was just playing in Tempe, Arizona, last week and the guy coming in the week after me is there this weekend. He's a black guy who started with me on amateur night at Yuk Yuk's and I remember we started literally the same week and we did the amateur nights for, like, a year. I've pretty much done everything I wanted to do and now I'm kind of in the next phase where I'm writing and directing a feature film. Make sure one of your movies or something you do showcases that so that your fans can go, 'There's that guy that I love.'" GM: Is it a matter of picking the right scripts? I tried to stay true to the essence of my sense of humour. HW: Yeah, that's from a lot of improvising in my roles. And I played the lead in that movie and that was a straight-on drama. You know, comedy is easy for me and drama is a challenge. Right now I'm at a certain level, which I'm very happy with, but I always strive to move forward and God willing I move up the chain to something else I do. Because I have starred in a few movies and I have co-starred in a lot of movies and I have had cameos and I have done my HBO specials and had my own sitcom [Simon], and blah, blah, blah, you know what I mean? GM: Did you have some words of advice for your co-star in Employee of the Month, Dane Cook? And my words to Dane were, "This is a great opportunity for you, Dane, but don't forget your fans know you for what you do." And I said, "Make sure that one of your follow-up movies or something you do in the future showcases what got you here, which is your manic energy and physicality and craziness. I think that's what's garnered me fans and made people in Hollywood pay attention to me. And I had a short movie in Sundance I guess it was about three years ago now, called Family Tree, which is going to be available on-line for people to watch pretty soon. I know I can do a movie and get the laughs, but to do drama is a challenge and I like challenges. (laughs) GM: Have the police forces honoured you yet? they were kinda calling me the next Jim Carrey and all that stuff. I went down to the States saying if I could get on David Letterman, I could die happy. I always try to put something in that is unique and you haven't seen or heard.

HW: Yeah, and I gotta say that that chain was really good to me. I want to hone my craft and take it to a bigger playing field. I knew he was determined to go down to the States and I knew I was.

And it's weird because, not to be pretentious but I really do wear like an old ratty baseball hat and dark sunglasses. Those are kinda fun, too, because it's kinda fun when people know that you're eating it. And so I copied a lot of cool artists like Ernie Chan and Bernie Wrightson and Jim Davis and people like that. And hopefully at this point with my art I'm kind of doing my own thing, which I know I am. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is, I'm doing a radio show now so I have to wake up in the morning every day and do eight radio bits. HW: It's the drive-home show from three to seven in the evening. I usually do usually between two minutes to five or six minutes. Because movies you have directors and everywhere else you've got programming people and executives and producers and network people. HW: I try and limit it to about four months worth of weekends in a year. I don't want to be like a road warrior guy where I'm just on the road all year. GM: Has your act changed substantially since you left Canada?

GM: Nobody's ever come up to you and said, "Hey, man, thanks to you I'm now killing people." HW: Exactly. HW: Oh yeah, I can't go outside without getting it. And there are a lot of nights it doesn't work at all but you know what? I certainly tried purposely to not get absorbed too much from anybody else. But when I do see someone I like, I really enjoy it. Do you have influences there or is that the same sort of philosophy? Because the way I taught myself to draw was by copying comic books. I've only been on the air for about a month and a half. GM: What's the thing you like most about standup and hate the most about it? It's one of the few art forms where you just have total liberty.

I think he gets a kick out of me playing all the cop roles because he was like the top cop there for a while. HW: Yeah, I think they're proud but it's mixed with confusion because my parents were so traditional and conservative.

And he eventually became the Solicitor-General of Ontario.

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