Gta iv dating alexandra chilton

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He has an apparent distaste for illicit drugs, much like Carl Johnson.

He frequently turns down Little Jacob's offers for marijuana and warns Packie about his cocaine habit.

At first, Niko appears to be humble, but a very cold assassin, who take most orders without the slightest redundancy.

He is almost emotionless, only expressing anger whenever he faces his enemies.

His casual outfit is a brown jacket, dark gray trousers, and brown shoes.

He also finds it distasteful to traffic in cocaine and particularly heroin, although this may be due to the heavy jail sentences they attract as much as any moral qualms.

He is skeptical of American mainstream culture, which he sees as "shallow" and "hypocritical" and has trouble relating to Roman's fascination with the country.

He has absolutely any fear as he is willing to confront dozens of armed henchmen to save Roman or fighting highly trained NOOSE's agents to defend the crew during the robbery.

In fact, he is a very wrathful man, and is willing to kill those he considers as traitorous betrayers, threats, arrogant dimwits (such as Vlad Glebov), or anyone who stand in his way, including "innocent" police officers; there are a few characters, however, that the player can spare but also kill as well, like Darko Brevic.

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