Glossary online dating terms

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(In some extreme cases of irrationality, cheating is considered “more respectful” than having an open relationship.) Cheating almost always leads to being much better options.

Comfort Bombardment – A process by which you get a woman comfortable about you after the first date is scheduled via online dating but prior to actually meeting her in real life.

Though society hates to admit it, cheating is a cultural norm and is widely practiced.

Cheating is sometimes viewed as “easier” than establishing honest open relationships.

Guy-drama is extremely ineffective at managing a relationship.

It simply creates more drama, or at best, simply delays (instead of preventing) future drama. Where a man leaves a woman, never contacts her again, and literally never sees her again (or at least never again in a sexual context).

A strong, bossy woman with an inflexible list of standards and rules the man in her life must adhere to, or else she gets offended or upset.

Represents most women in the modern era, approximately 65%. They aren’t, because they’re dependent on bossing a man around.) Drama – Any harsh negative actions directed from a woman to man where the man is the target of said negativity. You think the other gender wants exactly what you want, which they don’t.

This can be many possible things, including but not limited to confidence, money, advanced sexual skills, good looks, .

Example: A man promising to always pick up his socks or keep the TV at a certain volume is not necessarily oneitis, but a man with a healthy sex drive promising to never get sexual with any other woman is certainly oneitis as defined here, since eventually that promise will make him less free and less happy. Having sex with a woman once, perhaps twice, and then never seeing her in a sexual context ever again. It’s all the same to you, because regardless of what happens you’ll be on to the next woman.

Not something I personally practice or endorse, but it is popular among certain where you are actually “dating” and “have feelings for” multiple people. Outcome Independence is hands-down one the most attractive qualities a man can have to females, perhaps second only to raw confidence.

Needed only in extreme cases of woman-on-man drama or abuse. An independent, strong, happy, busy woman who doesn’t concern herself with what the man in her life does when she’s not around.

She never issues demands or rules to men despite her stronger nature.

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