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Gossiping is ugly no matter what guise you put it under.

Don’t excuse your own bad behavior by making it sound like you are just trying to be kind. Most of the time when we are nasty to each other, it is because we are jealous.

Girls can be very vicious, vindictive and hurtful creatures.

If you want to have friends and be a friend, there are certain things that you have to do to create honesty, stave away competition, and set standards for yourself and those you associate with. All someone has to do is bring up someone that isn’t there, and suddenly everyone is ravaging them, tearing them apart, and spilling secrets that they vowed they wouldn’t.

Not everything between women has to be a competition.

If one of your friends is better at something than you, let her have it.

Following these rules show respect, kindness and consideration for friendships, however, when you break them, it could result in the lose of a friendship or even of an entire friend group.

[Read: How to be a woman who awes her man and everyone else around her] #2 Bless your heart is a not a license to gossip.

In the South, there is a phrase everyone uses, “bless her heart.” For those who don’t know, it is code for “what I am going to say is not going to be nice and I shouldn’t say it.” It is along the same line as “I am only telling you because I am worried.” If you really are just worried, then talk to that person directly and help them.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it sucks taking care of people when you just want to have fun but hey, I bet you anything that that person has also taken care of you once or twice too.

Rule 4: ALWAYS rescue your friends from creepy guys Do not ever leave your friend alone with a guy you wouldn’t want to be alone with. A drunk, slurring, not able to walk straight so they fall all over you creep.

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