Friends with benefits while dating

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Whether it’s a legit friend or someone you hang out with every so often and fool around with, a friend with benefits scenario can satisfy your sexual needs.

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While you don’t have to be in an emotionally committed relationship with someone to have fun, sexy times with them, it’s important that you treat each other with respect and kindness.

Rebekah says, “My family and friends are infuriatingly nosy, and I loved being able to sneak around with Stephen without them asking to meet him and wondering if he’s marriage material.

My mum is notorious for running ahead, picturing her future grandkids even if I’ve only been on one date and it’s SO annoying.

We fell asleep once we were finished fooling around, and the awkwardness of the next morning didn’t really last long because he said he wasn’t looking for anything serious, which was perfect because neither was I.

We carried on as FWBs for about five months before feelings crept in, and we’ve been madly in love ever since. That being said, only do what you feel comfortable doing, and don’t let anyone judge you for making those choices.

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