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uncensored ruminations of one who is no longer a medical student but a physician still without a license-slash--frustrated writer-slash-closet smoker and frequent dater, regarding medical school and her experiences with it, relationships and her lack of it, sex and her unusual preoccupation with it, love, life and everything under the sun...I've made up with Friendsterblogs and now we're back together.The plugin can be further enhanced by a connection to your community database to provide more information.

She didn't know I'd had surgery, and since I was staying a couple of days, it had to come out so that she'd understand why I couldn't enjoy that pitcher of mojitos or eat more than a few spoonfuls.

It may seem strange that I hadn't told her--after all, she is my best friend, close as a sister.

I guess it was a combination of not wanting to worry her and add to her stress, and worry on my own part about how she'd take the news.

We never talk and hardly see each other and her priorities seem to be elsewhere.

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