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Oz, the plastic surgeon on The Doctors Tori's husband-he of the tiny close together pig eyes Ronan Farrow-he of the cold dead fake Sinatra eyes Juliette Lewis-she of the mentally challenged looking cross eyes Arianna Lollypop Head Grande.

They had several better looking men in lesser roles.

There's a DL troll, who, for some reason, despises Riz.

R297, Wilson looks good in that photo, I'm hard-pressed to say what it is that totally creeps me out about him.

That WASP country club persona behind which lurks a terrible person?

Someone mentioned him in the "Charlie's Angels" thread - Kevin Tighe.

Marlon Brando---based on those excerpts from his past lovers, is definitely a creep.

I know he's smart and funny and earnest, but he gives me the creeps.

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