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You show that you respect someone by how you treat them.If you are ever in doubt about what is respectful behavior, start with asking yourself how you would like to be treated in the same situation.But when you aren’t authentic about your emotions in a relationship, you can create an awkward distance that can push someone else away.The best way to get better at this is to practice in non-threatening situations and with people you are less close to.If finding this kind of trust in yourself seems very difficult on your own, you may wish to work with a professional who can help you learn how to do this.Finding a great relationship isn’t about swiping right or left until you stumble upon it.Most of the time, just listening and helping to validate their experience is all that is needed to show your support. This "getting to know you" process doesn’t just happen on the first few dates.It’s normal to think that once you’ve been with someone a while you know who they are, but once you stop asking questions and being curious about your partner, you start to make assumptions and are in the danger zone of taking them for granted.

Below are some specific steps you can take to help build a safe space for your partner while also learning to be more vulnerable. Respect demonstrates that you care about how the other person feels, and that you view them from your perspective with regard and value.This type of intimacy is about emotional closeness and bonding.The feeling of being emotionally intimate with someone occurs when you believe that a person deeply knows, understands, and accepts you for being who you really are.It’s a significant contributor to what creates the warm, fuzzy feeling we call love.As much as we crave emotional intimacy, most people are never taught how to intentionally build it into their relationships.

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