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While some take it naturally, others seem to hesitate to accept that people have sexual orientation beyond heterosexuality. He revealed his sexual orientation in May 2015 just before publishing his new book, Watch Video: GUY BENSON: Fox News Contributor Opens Up About Being Gay and Conservative Talking about gay marriage, Benson said gay marriage wouldn't affect straight marriage.

While we are on the topic, let's get on with the Fox News' Guy Benson who came out as gay back in 2015 saying he doesn't care much for gay rights, is he dating anyone. He also shared that many gays have been treated unfairly for generations.

In another text, she said she wanted to wash herself in his blood, according to FOX 10.“Oh what would I do with your blood!

I’d wanna bathe in it,” one text read, according to court documents.

She was arrested at her apartment complex on May 8 after failing to appear to multiple court hearings. I can't believe I scared him."Ades is currently being held at Maricopa County jail with no bond. Thirty-two years old political editor of, Guy Benson, is openly gay.He added: "I don’t think that coming to a point of social harmony and then pushing further in this almost vengeful, ‘Let’s get ‘em,’ hounding people out of jobs …The man called police in April 2018 after surveillance footage from his home showed Ades taking a bath in his tub while he was away on a trip.Paradise Valley police arrested Ades and also discovered a large butcher knife in her vehicle.

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