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THE DEADLINES for Sound Choice #6 are: Articles, letters, reviews and general info — July 28: Advertisements — August 14. If you want to get more involved in any aspect of Sound Choice or A. Little chance of that, but at least, consider the following change: Categorize the reviews. no matter how reasonable the cost, would pay for itself. Unclassified ad rates are listed in the Unclassified section. After several attempts at estab¬ lishing article and ad deadlines several issues in advance, we will now publish a particular issue's deadlines in the issue that comes out directly before it. #6 should be printed and into distribution by Sept. As always, we welcome questions, comments, constructive criticism. The established trade magazines are not eager to review Cajun music. That’s why we can’t afford to lose one publication such as yours. The changes I have suggested so far will not be made unless you would agree with what I said. If you divided them into categories, each of us would read the reviews concern¬ ing the types of music we like, and some of us would buy albums once in a while. 4 Spring ’8b) 1 have to con¬ clude that its atmosphere attracts mostly rock — perhaps mostly punk rock. I don’t feel that your readership would rejoice over the publication of another Cajun album, no matter how- good, how well done. — DC For the same rea¬ son, I don’t feel that an ad. Two percent of one million is only 10,000-not a vast sale, but I’d be happy with it. You won’t get money from advertisers whom you seek and need. It is an established fact that to sell to 2% of your potential buyers is very good.

Sound Choice has an open mind toward ALL STYLES AND GENRES _ of independent artistic expression, but is especially interested in sub¬ jects overlooked or actively ignored by the mainstream press. Something like: rock, punk rock, heavy metal, country, pop- country, pop, jazz, r&b, Cajun, Latino, Zydeco. It has just occurred to me what might be the main problem. Neighbors kill neighbors, spouses kill spouses, parents kill their own children, probably 90% of us (US? Ces justificatifs vous permettront d’être remboursé en partie ou en totalité par votre assureur.Ces justificatifs doivent être envoyés accompagnés d’une feuille type de demande de remboursement que le vétérinaire remplira.L’assurance animaux, qui est parfois très peu connue du grand public, est vivement recommandée pour économiser sur les frais vétérinaires qui peuvent être onéreux.Comme chacun d’entre nous, les animaux peuvent souffrir de maladies ou être victimes d’accident même domestiques, sans même parler de vieillesse. nos petites bêtes peuvent se retrouver chez le véto plus vite qu’on ne le pense.

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