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I found myself trying to deny my real feelings and emotions about my husband’s addiction in order to be attractive to him.They were these beautiful, wish-granting beauties and I was the nagging old hag who wanted to talk about the bank account and his “browsing history.” How could I win this battle?I had become so enmeshed into what my husband wanted that my dream actually became for him to fulfill all of his dreams. Well, I’m a chunky, 5’1” brunette who has to shop in the kids department for jeans. I tried to satisfy his gourmet tastes, but now I know that porn creates an insatiable appetite that cannot be satisfied.I started realizing that I was just a normal woman who would be too flat, too fat, too old, or too average to compete with the likes of Internet porn.I required my husband’s approval and looked to him as my compass and guide because of insecurities that I was unwilling to discuss with Christ. I even went so far as to buy roller hockey gear and drive with him out to a dark, damp roller rink an hour away at 11 p.m.It is because of these unrealistic expectations I placed on our relationship that I chased after these lies and accepted them as a reality in my life. Therefore, if I try making our life all about my husband and leave my needs at the door he won’t need pornography anymore. on a weeknight to play a sport I knew or cared nothing about.God has created you to have dreams and resolve and strength.

To not want to have “his kind” of sex means I’m frigid.

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The women in pornography have seen it all and done it all. I felt that I needed to fulfill or at least try anything he asked of me in order for him not to use porn.

There were many times where he played into my fear of his addiction being my fault…if we were together more often he wouldn’t have these issues.

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