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You don’t even need to venture in to the bars to get lucky in LKF.

Many locals will drink outside the 7/11s and lap up what can only be described as crowded street parties.

Are you looking to indulge in some adult entertainment on HK Island or around Kowloon?

Interested in visiting one of the area’s infamous one-woman brothels or karaoke clubs?

It is situated just next to Central and is a mere 5 minute stroll from the MRT.

This area is dominated by bars, clubs and very loud music.

Western women have long since embraced their own sexual freedoms.

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What that means is that it is fine for a woman to sell sex as a service, and fine for a man to buy it.However, profiting from the sale of sex as a third party — or pimping — is illegal.There are no legal brothels in Hong Kong in the traditional sense of the word.Inevitably, organised prostitution is doing just fine in Hong Kong.There are loopholes whereby groups will buy up an entire tower block of apartments and the prostitutes will rent them out individually, thus creating towers of prostitution, or entire floors within buildings where sex is sold. The first is in Wan Chai, a popular district with tourists and expats.

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