Error 3251 current recordset does not support updating

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This means that if the query includes a column which is an expression like ' ' the first thing is violated. Your suggestion regarding "shorthand method because it removes the need for a param object" works a treat! -- I support PASS - the definitive global community for SQL Server professionals - The reason you are getting this error: 'Current recordset does not support updating' Is because this statement: 'Set rst = cmd. Recordset 'Your Connection Info str Conn = "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Integrated Security=SSPI;" str Conn = str Conn & "Persist Security Info=False;" str Conn = str Conn & "Initial Catalog=Syd SQL;" str Conn = str Conn & "Data Source=CO4334185-A\SQLServ" cnn. Execute End With 'Use Command as source of Recordset with preferred cursor and lock type. Open cmd, ,ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic 'This should work fine now if it is valid column rst. Personally, I'd recommend you to write a stored procedure that performs the update, and don't rely on ADO second-guessing on what you are trying to do. 'I prefer using this shorthand method because it removes the need for a param object and it is only 1 line instead of 2 :) "tbl Rev") 'Execute Stored Proc . Wow, this is really proving to be frustrating :-( Zad: Try changing this line: rst. You might also want to check you have the latest MDAC installed. Connection String = "Provider=MSDAORA.1; Password=3389mine; User ID=system; Data Source=; Persist Security Info=True" cn. Open "select * from ITINVENTORY order by ID", cn, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic If rs. Set Focus End Sub Dim i As Integer, j As Integer cn.

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