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Perhaps the most notable storyline during von Detten's time on the soap was Nicholas's accidental killing of his father's lover Lisanne Gardner, who had been attempting to blackmail Vivian Alamein over the secret of Nicholas's parentage.In 1995, when he was 13, Von Detten provided the voice of the villainous toy-destroyer Sid Phillips in the hit movie Toy Story.

Following in his sister's footsteps, von Detten says he asked his mom what would happen with school if he got into acting.

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Possessing leading man good looks and undeniable charm, Erik von Detten has proven himself to be an actor of unquestionable talent.

I was always kind of, under the radar at some extent, and I really enjoyed that actually because I think that if you become too famous I guess, you can’t really even have much of a private life." So, to answer the question, this is what happened to Erik von Detten: he grew up — just like me, you, and everyone else does eventually — and found his place in the world.

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